Water is unquestionably the ring leader of our body functions and metabolism, and no wonder, as even 2/3 of our structure is water content.

Many of us know that proper hydration is recommended, but not many of us know the exact details.

Curious as we are, we have looked closely into this subject and we’re glad to share the results with you.


Toxin release

I have tried many detox diets, and every one of them prescribes considerable intake of water.

This wonderful substance aids in cleansing of our systems and banishes the toxin residue from it. The concrete action is performed via urinary tracks and sweating glands.

Nice, clear yellow is a good sign of proper hydration. The colour usually originates from higher concentration of waste.

Kick of energy

The actual dehydration has already occurred when we’re feeling thirsty, so it’s advisable to always have a water bottle at hand. It effectively “oils” the motoric operations and increases the overall energy.

Dehydration cuts on our energy resources and leads to tiredness and lethargy. To provide your organs and muscular tissue with sufficient amount of water, take frequent sips.

Skin radiance

The expert dermatologists and aestheticians both concur in the opinion that water has an essential role as a beauty and skin care agent.

It doesn’t stop with doing wonders for our complexion and suntan, and helps in pimple, pore and wrinkle reduction. The elasticity of the dermis is equally dependant on the amount of water we take regularly.


Probably the main benefit of consumed water is its tremendous impact on the recuperation of the immune system.

The occurrence of low input of water makes us more vulnerable to various diseases.

The proposed minimum is 0.5l and it climbs up to around 2l, although the maximum can vary from person to person.


Decreased weight

You may ask how is that water can promote our loss of weight.

The secret lies in appetite abatement, flushing of unnecessary fat derivatives and revving up of our metabolism.

Since it holds absolutely no calories, you can employ it for various healthy beverages like tea or sugar-free lemonade.

Muscular improvements

Yet another positive influence of water use is the enhancement of stamina and overall performance.

Muscle is bonded into tissue with water making the high ¾ of the composition.

The presence of water also plays a part in hydration of cartilage and minimises the pain from exertion. Pack a bottle for the gym!

Elevated brain performance

Water can immensely change the brain operations for the better, and I speak from experience. The price of dehydration is dear.

It involves many adverse side-effects such as gigantic headaches, light-headedness, weakened focus and poor memory. Tiredness and anxious feelings are not uncommon either.

State of mind

With all the negative effects dehydrations can produce, it’s not unexpected that the water intake is closely intertwined with our mood.

The well-oiled machine that runs on plenty of water will certainly reward you for such fine maintenance with high spirits.

The dark side of that equations results in edgy, sullen or melancholic demeanour.

Digestive agent

What many of us probably know is that our digestive system will not budge unless it gets supplied with copious amounts of water.

The high liquid levels promote bowel function and naturally fight the constipation.

When we’re drinking all that water, it’s logical we ponder on its quality, as well.

The purifier for tap water can deliver a substance that’s devoid of bacteria and hazardous chemicals, they say at a Sydney-based company specialised in water filters.

And what’s better than good old plain water for the replenishment of our cells and betterment of the whole organism.

They say nothing can quench the thirst as efficiently as a glass of water.

The list of other benefits water provides is deservedly long and inspiring to put water permanently atop of our power drink chart.