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Technology updates allow you to have the ultimate experience in your house as well as to profit from the sale when selling the house.

The 21st century has brought us an array of high-tech possibilities, from smart power strips to smart pots.

In the era of wireless gadgets, it may seem strange that rewiring is recommended. First of all, wired connections are more secure and faster than wireless connections.

This technology is called gigabit Ethernet power line technology and it connects all devices in your house in a network.

In addition, wired hook-ups help you connect your TV to Internet destinations, including YouTube and Flickr.

Smart water monitors

Smart water monitors detect water leaks in your house. All you need to do is to attach a sensor-based smart water monitor to sinks and toilets.

If a drop of water falls, an alert is sent to the device. Some smart monitors come with an app, with the help of which you can monitor water leaks 24/7.

You can also set your own alerts, monitor temperature and humidity levels in these areas as well as see the locations of the sensors.

Smart carpets

The latest technology in the shape of smart carpets comes from a German-based company Future Shape.

Their smart carpets known as SensFloors are, actually, 2 mm textiles which have sensors embedded in them.

They are installed under your regular carpet. A carpet picking up changes in electrical field when someone is standing on them and sending the information to a control module is pretty impressive.

The smart carpet can be used to monitor elderly, but it can also be utilized as a part of a security system. If someone broke into your house, you are immediately alerted via your smartphone.

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Advanced power strips

Advanced power strips can help you reduce the wasted electricity when devices are turned off, or not used.

Did you know that devices continue to draw power even though they are turned off? These advanced power strips are designed for offices and homes where there are many electronics plugged into a power strip.

Smart pots

With smart pots, you can organically grow vegetables and herbs in your own home, or on a balcony.

Smart pots are, actually, self-watering pots, which use less water than in-ground cultivation. Not only does the plastic cover of the pot reduces evaporation, but it returns the condensed water back to the pot, too.

They are designed so that transpiration pull is never interrupted. You can also add a dilute solution of a fertilizer to the water to ensure your plants get all nutrients.

Smart pots usually have a water level indicator, so that you can never under, or overwater the plant.

Home theater systems

The latest home theater systems are designed to give the ultimate experience while watching films, or listening to music.

You can watch videos from your smartphone. You just touch your smartphone, or tablet and all videos and photos are mirrored on your TV.

Whether you are streaming from online, or not, High Definition, 5.1 surround sound is the best of the best.

A home theater system also has built-in Wi-Fi for streaming from the Internet. The highest quality picture is enabled with the help of a 3D Blu-ray Disc player.

On top of that, some home theater companies, such as  home theater based in Brisbane offers custom installation depending on the room dimensions, the wall construction, the size and types of video display, the lighting controls, the interior design, the home theater acoustics, and whether or not to integrate free standing or concealed components.

A tech-savvy home is a home of the future. Based on what we have seen so far, we cannot wait for the other updates in the houses of tomorrow.