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Even though the two might seem of the same kin, when it comes to the design world, terms “contemporary” and “modern” can’t really be used interchangeably.

In the design world, the word “modern” refers to an era between the 1920s and the 1950s, while “contemporary” is a term used to indicate a style that is current now.

However, the “modern” design is still very much in use, but is also regarded as “retro” style.

We’ve decided to come up with this article in order to bring you up to speed with what exactly a “contemporary” design of today really refers to.

Modern vs. Contemporary

Contemporary living room design experts often refer to modern décor as “retro” style, which, quite honestly, is exactly what it is – nowadays, modern design is a thing of past and perhaps, revival.

Creating this design style is not all-that difficult – just place a basic, raised leather sofa with a rounded back in the space, adding a minimalistic wood or glass coffee table.

When it comes to contemporary living room design, however, things are a bit different – this style often borrows furniture and styles from a variety of eras.

Often eclectic, you can decorate in the contemporary design with current furniture, while combining it with classic elements, such as craftsman style wall mouldings and old chandeliers.

Living Room Size

Although small rooms generally look best with contemporary décor, this might turn you away from opting for contemporary design.

Enter open-floor plan! This unique room combines the living room, the dining room and your kitchen together into a marvellous, open-spaced area.

The best part here is – it works great with contemporary design, as well as with the retro “modern”. When building an open-floor plan, however, you need to make sure that you separate the rooms.

“Well, what now?” you ask? Quite simply put, by painting the living room floors and walls in different color, you are creating a unifying sense of separation, which is the name of the game, when it comes to open-floor plans.

If you are bored of the modern contemporary design, yet don’t want a tiny, contemporary room, the open-floor plan might just be a thing for you!


Yet another thing at which the contemporary look excels is the fact that nothing seems like it doesn’t belong.

Think about it, a 19402 man would hardly know what you’re thinking about, if you were to mention air conditioning.

When it comes to contemporary design, you need not worry about any of this. In fact, air conditioning repairs Sydney suggest to opt for a contemporary look, seeing as how the retro modern décor can make for a myriad of complications, when it comes to air conditioning setup, maintenance and repairs.

Additionally, wall lamps and dimmers, don’t go all-that well with the modern design, while you can easily compliment your contemporary living room with whatever type of lighting your heart desires.

If you’re going with the contemporary living room design, you can easily opt for whatever device you heart desires – be it the latest of the Smart TV innovations, or a hipster VHS player – this mush of styles will compliment every decision you make.

The same goes with PCs and laptops – the latest gaming machine will never stick out, surrounded by contemporary design.

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When it comes to décors, contemporary design takes it away, seamlessly.

Easy to combine with any style and not problematic with whatever you choose to add to your living room, this design can do you a world of good, when it comes to agreeableness.

Make sure you’ve opted for an open-floor plan, paint it properly and you’re in for a treat!