The Fresh Trends in Garden Design for 2016


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If you’re one of the people blessed with a large backyard, it’s high time you look into the newest designs for the current year.

This hip project will undoubtedly turn your home into a popular venue for friends and family gatherings.

From the basics to tiles, plant organization, containers and outdoor furniture, we have a suggestion for every one of these aspects. Bear with us as we go through them.

General pointers

Contemporary landscapes for 2016 are mostly geometrical, with a touch of futuristic feel.

The open space with clean layouts are commonly combined with carefully chosen and positioned sculpture installations of all sizes.

The overgrown, wild sections are not banned at all, and they serve to stand as a rebellious act opposite traditional overly trimmed lawns.

The trick is to maneuver it so to obtain originality and striking effect.

With the employment of a haphazard DIY works, the multitude of decorative accessories and containers can generate a bit of a hot mess.

And no wonder when the old-fashioned, ornamented type of planters and pots are more affordable, while modern, sleek items have a heftier price tag.

However, landscaping enthusiasts shouldn’t worry as we have budget-friendly ideas on how to add a cutting-edge design to your garden.

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Magnificent grass blocking

A powerful feature you simply must have in your garden is the outdoor grass grid.

With the inclusion of concrete elements and a variety of other plants, you can devise a powerful layout out of rectangles or squares.

Introduce an elfin thyme for fill-up of the rectangular spots. This plant is not only tough (it withstands foot traffic with ease), it also looks amazing with the appearance of purple flowers.

A pro tip: these divisions aid in the visual enlargement of the given space.

You can do a little switcheroo and replace some of the grass tiles with their stone counterparts and design a truly unique, artistic garden.

Don’t feel restrained by the traditional ways.

Play with sizes and combinations and soften the line between the natural and man-made parts.

The placement of plants

As if placing grass, stone and gravel isn’t painstaking enough, we have another tricky business ahead, the matter of plant placement.

We have decided to make it easier on you and compiled a list of great suggestions to inspire you:

  • Make a lawn out of gravel and utilize flowerbeds for a border outline
  • Create a tropical forest edge around your wooden deck with ground pieces and elevated grass sprigs
  • Another idea to consider is a terraced method. Construct a cascade of tall, green plants and blossoms for a veritable extravagant look
  • Simple metal edges can be effectively paired up with rectangular, multilevel arrangement and grasses of appropriate height
  • Lastly, a tree classic shouldn’t be neglected in our garden-to-be. A lovely Japanese maple cushioned in a stony nook would really make a statement.

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Planters and pots selection

When we’re purchasing planters, it’s important to find the right fit for your garden in the wild offer of local nurseries.

For cost-effective and contemporary choices, conspicuous cobalt blue, metallic and lime green smooth models are it.

Certain types of planters are demanding some extra effort from our side, but the mystical and sculptural element they bring is thoroughly impressive.

Turn to stackable, galvanized planters and position them in unusual manner for best results.

The outdoor furniture

If we’re to talk about seating, outdoor sofas and chairs must be sturdy, and of course, comfortable.

Many of grassless modern spaces require a good sitting set that provides the area with much needed focal point.

Balconies also count as the outdoors for people who don’t have a yard. The smallest ones are the cutest when smartly furnished.

A nice three-chair and a round table setup with square pots on the balcony edge and some bigger plants in the corners are just the thing.

Rooftops are also a backyard substitute of sort.

Don a weather-resistant bold-colored carpet to unify the space, and organize the plants into your own downtown oasis.

And if you get overwhelmed by your garden project and lose some of the initial steam, you can always seek help from the services like Maintain me and allow the professional to get some of that job off your hands.

With another spring and summer season, the nature is gracing us with its wonderful creations.

Why not make something for our own private enjoyment? Check out these ideas pertaining to the latest trends.

Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls and a great animal lover. In her free time she enjoys exploring new travel destinations with her family and reading about nutrition and alternative medicine.


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