Decorating Secrets revealed by pros
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If you are thinking about getting your flat or house redecorated, you will be happy to hear a few secrets interior design experts swear by.

Getting fresh ideas for redecorating your household is not an easy task, so these secrets should definitely help.

Be inspired by them and rely on your inner creativity and style to give the final idea for your personal touch.

Your living space reflects your personality so do not opt for ideas that seem picture-perfect but will not make your place cosy.

What should not be the first thing to do?

A lot of people opt for the wall paint first, but, you should know better – leave it for the end of the redecoration.

If you define the paint immediately, you will struggle to mix and match bits and pieces of the furniture you already have.

In the end it all comes down to picking a hue that will fit your final choice of furniture, rugs, plants and paintings.

Less is always more

Less is always more
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When purchasing furniture and paintings bear in mind that you should not overdo it.

A room with no air will not be comfortable to spend time in. Invest more in high quality items instead of buying a lot of furniture.

Know how to place a rug

No matter how nice a rug you buy, unless you fit it perfectly with the rest of the items in the room, it will not be shown properly.

There are two ways designers swear by.

Know how to place a rug
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If you opt for a large rug, place all the sofa and chairs’ legs on it.

However, if you fancy smaller rugs, keep all the legs off it. Purchasing a brand new, modern rug can be rather expensive, but you can always opt for stylish Cheap rugs online.

Do not stick too much to the theme

If you are, for example, keen on Scandinavian minimalism do not let everything be themed like that.

A glimpse of a different style can make your room look unique and be more vibrant.

What you should do is choose some cushions with tropical plants print to spice up your atmosphere.

Lights, please

Light Please
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Do not neglect the importance of proper lighting in your household. Create a focal point in the room which you want to emphasize and place the lights accordingly.

Add table lamps or floor lamps to create more than one focal point in your room.

Spice it up with mirrors

If you have a small place to redecorate, why not use mirrors to make it look bigger? Mirrored panels are elegant and easy to fit with the rest of furniture.

Those will look classy in your household and if you like minimalistic approach you will not have to opt for any paintings at all.

Spice it up with mirrors
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Choose one signature color

Let there be a color which will dominate the interior. If you like the touch of sunshine in your surroundings, opt for yellow hues to bring about the fresh energy in your room.

But don’t overdo it. Just have some cushions, curtains and tiny details in yellow – not everything.

When it comes to redecorating your household, there are a few tips to follow which will make the whole process a lot easier.

Stick with less rather than more, be wise about the rugs, lighting and mirrors and you will be good to go in no time.