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Renovation is always a difficult and in most cases expensive process to tackle with, but often necessary.

No matter if you are upgrading your house in order to sell, or you just want to make your life easier, it will require hiring professionals.

Of course, some home improvement projects can be easily placed into the DIY sector, but it is important to know when to put the hammer down and make the call.

Here, it is very important to be honest about your skills and realize your limitations, because some projects can be ruined if done recklessly, while others can even put you in harm’s way.

Let us try to determine the projects you can save some money on by using your own hands, and the ones that deserve professional attention.

DIY: Make Plans

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Sounds easy enough? Well, there is a whole line of work dealing with these projects, so let us not get ahead of ourselves.

Still, no matter how skillful the designers are, unless we are talking about some project that requires architectural considerations, deciding about some space layout can totally be pulled off by an amateur.

You will need some measuring tape, to determine the size of the furniture, height of the walls, etc. and a pen and paper.

Also, be sure to look into interior decorating magazines for trends and tips for the room you are renovating.

Hire Professionals: Working with Electricity

This should be a no-brainer.

One of the first things we teach small kids is that electricity is dangerous, so why should we as adults tackle such a menace without calling professionals?

It is never that easy as tying the matching color wires, because no matter how greatly done it seems at the first glance, if the electrical installations are not done properly, there are some problems, such as overheated wires, odor of burning plastic, buzzing of the outlets, etc. that occur later on.

DIY: Paint the Walls

If as a kid you were able to paint some shapes in a coloring book without crossing the lines, you will be able to paint a room.

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As a matter of fact, steady hands are even less important in this chore, because there are many tools, such as painter’s tape, that can help you perform a great job that will look as a work of a professional.

Hire Professionals: Fixing the Roof

Sure, you can tackle by yourself with some ordinary roof fixtures, such as replacing a single leaking tile, unless you are afraid of height.

But when it comes to some demanding task, like replacing all the roof tiles or installing new roof gutters, it is recommended to hire experienced workers.

Besides experience, the right tools are the reason why you should leave it to the professionals, because they use reliable material lifters to transport tiles and other heavy materials and tools.

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DIY: Refresh the Wooden Surfaces and Re-Upholster

Kitchen cabinets, closet, entrance and inside doors, window frames, dining room table and other wooden items can be easily refreshed with sandpaper and coat of paint.

You can use the same hues as the previous layer, or opt for the ever popular white, which will make the space look bigger, brighter and more inviting.

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Also, you can extend the lives of an old sofa, armchair and dining room chairs by re-upholstering them.

You can do that with some basic sewing skills and tools (staple gun, screwdriver, pliers and hammer).

Hire Professionals: Other Demanding Tasks

Depending on the nature of your renovation, you will face many challenging tasks along the way, and it is best to leave them to people with experience and tools.

Those projects include fully remodeling a bathroom, breaking down the walls, finishing the basement, renovating the windows, and any kind of work with granite or marble, which require professional measuring and installation.

Sometimes in our desperate tries to save some money, we end up spending even more than we have intended.

In most of the cases, a DIY project gone south requires a lot more money to be repaired than you would originally paid to professionals.

That is why it is better to leave the large scale home improvements and renovations to experts, so that you can tackle some less demanding, but equally rewarding tasks.