Given the unfortunate developments concerning our natural environment that have been happening in the last couple of decades, living green walls are being more and more spotlighted.

For the majority of people they seem to be a kind of a novelty although they have been present since 1930’s.

Another common misconception is that they are mainly designed in order to give prominence to architectural design.

This may have been true in the beginning but nowadays their primary role is to bring various benefits to working environment and increase green credentials of companies.


Green walls in general

Living green walls, green walls, Eco walls and vertical gardens are different names used for the same notion.

There are interior and exterior ones and they are in fact structures that can be free standing or attached to the wall, all depending on which is preferred at given location and circumstances.

Living green walls consist of panels, exist in different shapes, sizes and include various possible combinations of plants that are vertically grown using hydroponics growing method.

Air quality improvement

Recent studies of air quality trends revealed devastating forecasts for the entire World.

Although global movements and solutions are out of the hands of the majority of individuals, making the best possible microenvironment we spend time in is the only reasonable action.

As we all know it, plants are a source of oxygen we cannot live without and at the same time are highly efficient air purifiers, especially such high density plants present in green walls.

They are equally efficient in air purification in the exterior and interior area, which is highly important given the fact that 80 to 90% of Australians spend the majority of their time inside.

Sound proofing

One of the biggest causes of stress and reduced productivity is a noisy working environment.

A noisy working environment may be caused by an exterior factor (your business premises are located in a noisy area and your insulation is non-existing or inefficient), an interior factor (noisy machines and equipment regularly used) or the combination of both.

Green walls are highly efficient in reducing noise levels whatever the cause is.

Naturally, interior green walls are more efficient when interior noise is concerned just like exterior ones are more successful in reducing outside noises.

Thermal insulation and energy costs reduction

Various measurements showed that thermal insulation is one of the biggest greenwall benefits.

Different tests have proved that they are very successful at reducing temperature fluctuations at a wall’s surface.

What this means in practice is that green walls are great thermal insulators throughout the year.

During summer they will lower the temperature and keep your working environment cool and pleasant to be in, productive in other words.

The same goes for cold winter moths when such dense concentration of plants works as a barrier for heat loss and a sort of a buffer for interior temperature.

Both of these benefits will be clearly visible on you company’s energy bills.


Aesthetic improvement, motivation and productivity

Living green walls make your business premises stand out, no doubt about it.

Not only that, this unique setting is inspirational for the people that work there, both you and your employees alike.

The feeling that they are working for a company that cares about their well-being puts the icing on the cake with work morale boost and increases of productivity as the final result.

The list of benefits that living green walls bring to any working environment is obviously a long one. Making the best use of nature has always been a sensible thing.

Allowing it to do the work for you puts this symbiosis at a whole new level.