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The dangers based around house ownership are vast and, perhaps the biggest of them all, is the one based around security issues.

Every house, no matter the safety steps taken, is prone to burglaries and, as such, deserves organizing proper security measures.

Vast in terms of types, these measures require looking into and every single one is well worth the price, for the sake of preventing potential monetary and/or sentimental loss.

Although alarms make for more than adequate steps to take, there are many more types of burglary prevention around, more than worth your while.

Don’t make for an ‘empty house’ appearance

The fact that burglars aim for empty houses is more than a well-known fact – it’s common knowledge.

When a robber is targeting a house, they observe the house for a long time, more than often.

In order to avoid becoming a target of interest, make sure they are unable to deduce whether or not someone’s at home.

The best way to this is by implementing window shades.

However, simply owning these and using them when you’re not at home is an obvious indication of whether or not your house is empty – this is why you have to use these shades even when someone is actually at home.

Anti-Burglary measures

Are you aware of the fact that homes with no security systems are three times more likely to be broken into?

A burglar alarm is an something that can easily make sure that you avoid unnecessary monetary loss – during burglaries, alarms will more than usually scare the unwanted persons away, making having to pay for new windows or door handles, instead of going through larger financial and sentimental loss.


Every security agency will install signs on your premises, in order to keep the burglars away from even considering targeting your home.

Even if you do not own alarms, putting up signs and decals to serve as warnings for burglars means that you’re making crucial steps towards making your home more burglar-proof.

For example, having a guard dog always beats only putting up a sign indicating that you do, but the latter can help too – even having a poodle can scare the teen burglars away – and most of these indeed are of this age.

Locks and safes

Installing complicated locks can really turn out to be complicated, but let us tell you – it is more than worth your while.

Unless you own a huge Hollywood manor, in which case you’ll probably have security personnel roaming your premises, petty burglars will seldom try to break into a home with complicated locks.

As any professional Rhodes locksmith will tell you, sometimes it’s even difficult for them to get into properly secured houses, let alone for the mentioned teen amateurs.

On that note, installing a quality safe can go a long way in terms of enabling you to store your valuables inside your home, just make sure you don’t get a tiny safe, which can be carried away, along with your financial and/or sentimental valuables.

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Lights and cameras

Most burglars are scared of large amounts of light, even if there’s no-one around for miles.

Proper lawn LED lights will scare off the burglars before they get anywhere near your front door.

If they are not easily frightened, cameras, as a last means of resort will do you a world of good, when it comes to tracking down the culprits that invaded your premises.

Keeping your home safe has never been easier and cheaper, than it is nowadays, what with all latest technological advancements.

Keep those you love and your valuables safe seamlessly, by dedicating time enough to secure that which you own!