Marathon is 26 miles and 385 yards long race, a very long distance of moving,sweating,breathing and mental challenges. So how can we prepare for such thing.

How to prepare for a marathon

Step one is to know what Marathon is and why is it exactly 26 miles and 385 yards long.

We all know the origin of Marathon, A messenger named Pheidippides ran from the town of Marathon to Athens “26 miles and 385 yards long”to announce the Greeks victory over the Persian army. Unfortunately after Phidippides reached Athens, he died on the spot.

In this episode of – It Is Okay To Be Smart – The channel host and writer Joe Hanson explains how our body designed to run this long distance, how our muscles produces the power and what would happen if we hit the wall or in other words fatigue.

If you are a runner, this video will really help you know everything about the science of running, it is an awesome resource of information.

Second step is start working according to plan to improve in running is essential, Here are some training programs and techniques to help you practice better and improve your running style:

5K Training Plan

10K Training Plan & Schedule

Half Marathon Training Plan

Marathon Training Plan

How to Improve Your Running Form

In the end of any Marathon, it doesn’t matter if you are the first or the last, what truly matter is the journey the challenge.

Remember you are like Pheidippides, trying to deliver a message, A message to your mind ” I’m able to do it” to you body “I can do it”. that’s why we all are winners in Marathon and this is how to prepare for a Marathon.