There are only two things that can happen to our confidence – it either depletes as we make mistakes, or grows as we excel and achieve our goals. As experts put it, our level of confidence pretty much depends on how we react to criticisms, how we gain experience and knowledge, and how well we make decisions. There is no reason you should not become more confident in yourself and your capabilities as long as you develop these habits:

  1. Let people know about your success

There’s nothing wrong with letting people know that you’ve accomplished something, but you shouldn’t overdo it. Otherwise, you would sound like you’re bragging. By making your successes known to other people, you gain more confidence as it gets you in the habit of self-acknowledgement and self-rewards.

  1. Inform other people that you are going to finish the task

Confidence usually begins with you stating your intentions. When you voice your goals to everybody, you become more confident because you are actually holding yourself accountable. By speaking out your plans and intentions, you also gain respect and credibility from your colleagues.


  1. Use personal attacks as motivation

We all experience it – people attack you to push you down and bring your confidence level to a low. You shouldn’t let that happen! If you feel you are attacked personally, don’t fall into the temptation of feeling angry. Instead, look for ways you could change for the better. Use the criticisms as your motivation to grow. It’s all a matter of perspective. Stop looking at those comments as personal attacks, but rather, think of them as feedback. This whole process is challenging, but will surely build your confidence.

  1. Develop or train yourself

By training yourself, you are building confidence because you are addressing whatever it is that you lack. For instance, you may feel less confident at work because you are not as skilled as other people. There is something you can do about this, of course. There are plenty of short courses, as well as online courses that you can enrol in. Through such training programs, your capabilities will grow, and it will overshadow any feelings of inadequacy you may have.

  1. Smile a lot

Make it a habit to smile and greet other people the moment you walk in the office. This is a positive change in attitude that will make you feel comfortable with other people, and confident about yourself.

  1. Surround yourself with people who can boost your confidence

How are you supposed to feel good about yourself if someone always tells you how incompetent you are? The people you always hang out with play an important role in your development of self confidence. If it seems like being with a particular person or group of people makes you less satisfied with who you are and what you can do, you should definitely find new friends.

  1. Get a life or personal coach

A personal coach is not only for those who are struggling to find a job, get a promotion, open a successful business, and so on. We all can benefit from a life coach. With the help of a coach, you will realize your strengths and what makes you better than other people, which can help boost your confidence.