We’ve all seen at least one of the hilarious internet videos of some house repair gone wrong, but you’ll agree it wouldn’t be as funny if it happened to us.

The cause of the majority of these mishaps is often the human factor and the lack of expertise needed to tackle some difficult and complex task.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the major home activities that are better left to pros to handle.

Tough landscaping tasks

Tough landscaping tasks

Tree cutting and (thick) branch trimming can pose as a hazard not just to the person performing the work, but to other people’s safety and even public property, like power lines.

First of all, dealing with a chainsaw is not to be left in the hands of anyone other than seasoned expert.

Also, when cutting off large branches or entire trees, there’s a risk a timber will fall in a random direction and potentially hurt people or damage their property.

Most skilled homeowners can handle trees up to 20 feet in height and 4 inches in diameter, but you should definitely hire expert for any bigger endeavor.

Tricky plumbing work

Tricky plumbing work

Admittedly, there are a lot of little repairs a rookie plumber can perform successfully, like showerhead and faucet replacement or toilet and washing machine installation.

However, other tasks and issues demand more expertise to properly manage the installation or repair process.

Some of the typical tasks an inexperienced homeowner should steer clear of are tampering with the water supply or the heating system, as improper wielding of a propane torch may lead to a fire or flood in the house.

Since even the slightest leakage can cause considerable damage, it’s best to call the professionals to adequately tackle some complicated plumbing work.

Dangerous electrical work

Dangerous electrical work

Installing a new ceiling light or dimmer switches is relatively safe and can be carried out by almost anyone, as long as they follow the safety procedure and turn off the power beforehand.

On the other hand, serious and complex upgrades and extensions of the system demand the presence of a licenced electrician.

In a recent chat with a highly-rated Canterbury electrician, it was brought to my attention that all the cables, nuts and other elements that are connected with electricity require specific knowledge for secure handling.

To avoid dire and potentially lethal outcomes, such as fire or electrical shock, hire a professional to perform the repair.

Slippery roofing venture

Slippery roofing venture

Any type of slanted roof is a dangerous spot to linger on, as one small misstep or slip can cause you to slide off the roof and hurt yourself.

Slopes steeper than 4”12 or 20°angle fall into the task group for the roofing specialists.

Still, most men still get brave and climb up the roof to secure a loose section a few times a year and risk ending up at the office of orthopedic surgeon.

Although simple roof shingles fitting doesn’t seem too difficult when contractors do it with their pneumatic nail guns, this is something they do on a daily basis.

All that climbing up and down the ladder and scurrying the roof surface can be exhausting for anyone unaccustomed to these conditions.

Also, if you’re looking to incorporate a weatherproof roof, the flashing and vents should be tackled exclusively by the professionals.

Tricky wall removal

Tricky wall removal

When I think about the renovation work that scares me the most, it’s undoubtedly the wall removal. Just thinking about the structure collapsing like a house of cards makes me shudder.

Don’t let your enthusiasm lead you to single-handedly attempt to create an open space arrangement or a more spacious living room without a building engineer and a permit.

While this is a great idea for interior decoration, removal of the wrong wall can end in disaster.

Load-bearing walls that support the structure cannot be removed without adding a substitute support element.

The whole venture can cost us a pretty penny and our health when it’s not carried out appropriately.

While there’s a great deal of repairs every zealous DIY guy can handle on his own, it’s always good to know your limitations.

These were some of the repairs you should definitely leave in the hands of professionals.