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By on May 7, 2014

If you are looking for the panic attack treatment that teaches you how to stop the attack not cope with it,and puts your mind into rest without all of this anxious thoughts running inside of it I recommend to read this post. ūüôā

Barry’s Story :

Panic Attack Treatment - Barry McDonagh's WayBarry McDonagh is a BA,Dip Psych and he is from Ireland,He caught of guard when he had his first panic attack when he was about to start college year,he thought that what he feels is the symptoms of a heart attack what makes his sense of fear goes of the roof.

He felt the ideal sensations of a panic attack,the pounding heart,the so tense chest and the restricted breathing. The first thing on his mind right now is to go out from where his for fresh air hoping all would end.

And like you if you had a panic attack before the first one to be exact,he thought of getting an ambulance to help him but he was too embarrassed to ask for it,and after about 15 minutes the panic attack passed and the horrible experience remained in his mind.

After that things totally changed for him,he become so afraid of the experience and thinking about it was enough to trigger the attack,then it started happening anywhere outside his home where his safe zone was,He went from a man who people say about him “So laid back he might fall over” to a different one who developed general anxiety beside panic attacks and feel anxious 24/7.

Being an Irish man and thinking about what might people think about him,he resisted asking anybody for help not even his doctor,So he started to search for a solution himself and that wasn’t going well because everything he found was either try a therapy that would help him cope or take a medication.

He wasn’t satisfied with what he found,he wanted that kind of panic attack treatment that ends the problem from its core,he didn’t like the idea to cope with the issue for his life or live on medication.

So what he did next is to abandon all this coping techniques and medications advice and try something unorthodox based on how he observed the panic/anxiety manifesting. during his next attack he did the complete opposite and had the best insight ever. He found out that anyone can break free of anxiety by not fighting it just do the right mental maneuvers.

He tried what he did again and again made a technique that was easy to apply along with some other components to tackle the general anxiety,after that with a short period he became a panic free person and his general anxiety was going down day by day. then he formulated all of what he did into one program that easy to follow and use called Panic Away Program and after that the program became the best selling panic attack treatment and general anxiety.

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